September 23, 2008

Hi there!
Well, here it is: my first block based on Canadian themes. I call this the Tipi block, which is, of course, a Native Canadian thing. It is similar to the kaleidoscope block. The colouring is grass yellow or grass/tree green for the background and almost any colour for the tipi itself. The corner at the top of the tipi represents the sun, so should be yellow. As you can see, however, I've also just used it in various colourings including using red to represent camp fires.
Here's the block:

Here it is using yellow and green for the background and red representing the campfire. When I group the tipis in fours I call it Circle of Tipis.

This pattern has nothing to do with tipis. I've called it Blackbirds and ice cream. The red is the cherry on top of the ice cream cones.

And this one could be called Planes and ice cream.

This is the Circle of Tipis in "traditional" colouring - green and yellow background for the grass and trees around the brown tipis with red for the communal fires.

It can be used in the same way the kaleidoscope block is used and more!

I hope you like it.

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