January 12, 2009

Gosh, time goes by so quicky. I keep making a promise to myself to post here once a week at the very least, and yet life seems to always get in the way.

After my last post the store called me back to say that the walking foot would cost $150. Yeowch! Not having that kind of "disposable" cash on hand, I decided to hand sew the top, backing, and batting together, and it seemed to turn out well. I didn't get the piece finished for Christmas, so my goal is to have it done for my daughter's birthday in June. I'm sure I can manage that.

One thing that this allowed me to do is rediscover the enjoyment I get from hand sewing things that could possibly be machine sewn. When my daughter was very young and we lived 4-6 months of the year travelling around North America in our Volkswagen van (similar to this one), I found some wonderful vintage cottons at a yard sale in New York somewhere. From one peachy floral piece, I hand sewed my daughter two skirts and tops. I really enjoyed sitting in the van at night by the light of the lamp, or during the day in the sunlight creating something she would wear. And she did wear it for a year or two, after which it went to Goodwill.

Sometimes when I'm machine sewing it feels as if the goal is to get finished; but, when I'm hand sewing the goal is to sew, and sure, I'm sewing toward a goal, but the goal is far away and it is the sewing itself that is the focus. Just like hand quilting.

Nevertheless, as soon as I have the dough, I'll be picking up that walking foot.

Hope the new year has come in well for you all. If you've time, take a look at Allie's blog as she's creating an amazing piece of art - a home portrait.

Keep your foot on the dogs!


Debra said...

There's a time and place for both hand and machine work -- it's understanding that and then going with it that provides the most enjoyment for me.

Sherri said...

Well said Debra, and I couldn't agree more.