January 8, 2008

Sister Blogs

I just had a quick stroll through some of the sites on the Quilt Studio blog ring, and am I ever inspired! If you haven't done so yet, check out some of these amazing sites and see the remarkable work people are doing. Here are a few sites to get you going:
Embelish Journal
If I Create It, Will They Come?
Sew Crazy

I think I will work next on making a table runner using the Rings That Bind Method. I really want to practice that technique and being completely inspired by Quilt Musings, I'm itching to get some long machine quilting practice sessions in soon. It's trickier on my old Bernina - no BSR, no open-toed foot, etc., but he's a workhorse and turns out some pretty nice stitches given the right amount of TLC.

Wish me luck!

keeping my foot on the dogs (until I start free-motion quilting)

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