January 29, 2008


I've been rather tired this past week. As I thought, last week was rather draining with my work schedule shifting and then feeling under the weather. I did manage to get one more old stray piece finished and used Insul-Bright by The Warm Company for the batting. I bought it at Fabricland thinking of using it for tea cozies and maybe oven mitts, but wanted to try it out first in something more mundane. I thought instead of making another kitty quilt I'd make a little table mat that would do double duty as a insulating pad for hot pots, etc. while adding some brightness to the kitchen. It turned out fairly well. I love the bright orange and green fabrics! The green wave fabric I bought 20-odd years ago although I'm sure I've seen it or something similar recently. It is a Hoffman woodblock. The orange I picked up in the summer and love it's sparkle!
After making it for the table, I thought it would actually make a great kitty quilt, especially for an old kitty - they tend to feel the cold more and it wouldn't it be nice for them to have a cozy insulating quilt to sleep on? But really, I now have three kitty quilts and only two kitties, so I really don't need another.

As I thought I might, I lost a bit of steam with the scarf attempt. It's so long and takes up so much thread, and I'm still not convinced it will turn out as I'd hoped. I wanted to see if what I'd done so far would be okay, so I sewed back and forth horizontally about 3 inches up from one end, then cut between those sewing lines. I soaked the small piece in some very warm water and the H20 Gone (again, bought from Fabricland), dissolved almost instantly, although there is enough left in the piece to make it fairly stiff. I imagine with more rinsing and perhaps a dab of gentle soap this would all come out. However, here it is

And again - doesn't it look like some kind of jellyfish?

And again - rather stiff. I think it would lend itself well to being included in some sort of wall hanging.

It seems to be okay, so I will continue on with it and see what happens.
Keep your foot on the dogs!

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Debra Spincic said...

Yes, it does look like jellyfish! I am working on an underwater piece and I need a jellyfish so I may try your technique.