March 11, 2008

Just for Fun?

Well it seemed like a realistic goal. But after doing some work on it, then taking another good look at it, I saw that some dodo brain back in the day did this:

Do you see it? Most of the quilt is quilted leaving plenty of room between lines, like the area to the left of the circular quilting, but look what I did here to the right of it - and only here. I thought I'd just dive in and quilt very close together, just for fun. I remember doing this, just for fun. I just felt like quilting very closely together, free hand, and sure it was fun, but the implications! Oh the damn implications. Does this mean I need to quilt the whole quilt like this? Or can I just continue doing so in the border where this is? Or just at the top on bottom - this was done on the top. I'm pondering. I've already done some on the bottom and am leaning toward just doing top and bottom so I can finish it up.

I find myself drawn more to doing quilty and embellishment things, just for fun, instead of doing so because I like the pattern or technique. Just For Fun. Shouldn't we do most things from this sentiment? I think, no, I know, I am completely sure, that if we all did most things in our lives just for fun (provided what we did didn't hurt anyone else), we would all be so much happier and this happiness would spill over into our relationships. We would be less inclined to take things personally and we'd smile and laugh more, we'd be healthier and have more energy (it takes so much energy to keep doing things we really don't want to!). Of course, this world being what it is, we might have to do some things not just for fun, but those few things would be so much easier to cope with.

So, just for today, do ten things just for fun, even if they're little things, like having desert before dinner, or dancing alone while you're making lunch, or adding some beads and buttons to a quilted piece. Have fun.

Above all, keep your foot on the dogs.


Hazel said...

I can't tell what you did that was different ,looks fine to me .Don't be so hard on yourself , I look at quilting as a fun hobby I'll never win first prize but I've spent many hours enjoying my craft .Have fun .

Jacquie said...

Just for fun...that phrase can lead us to places where we might never have gone. I want to nourish that sense of adventure and whimsy (love that word) in myself. I say go with whatever moves you!

Diane said...

I totally agree with the fun idea. I've had more fun in the last couple of months since I started CQing, the more beads and embroidery...the more fun!