March 6, 2008

Well, as I said, the weekend didn't turn out as planned, but it turned out pretty well. We ended up doing a fair bit of cleaning, went to our cafe, took more pictures of the aftermath of the big fire on Queen Street West, and cleaned. Cleaning is good. We got a glimpse of my grandmother's table that now resides in our kitchen and which is usually the repository of oh so many things.

I'd offer you a 'before' shot, but to be honest, it was just too damn shameful! I love this table. My grandmother and mother both prepared many a wonderful dish, pastry, and bread loaf on this table. I hope I can keep up the tradition.

Speaking of tradition and legacies, that is a big reason I got into quilting. I imagine it's the same for many people - perhaps their mother or grandmother quilted and they too just 'naturally' took up the needle. As I approach fifty, I've been wondering alot about what it is that I will pass on. How do I fit into my family history? I have vague plans in my head for so many quilts some of which I will make specifically for my daughter, some of which are for my partner and I, and I suppose I could give dad a break for awhile on the quilted front. But I still have a sister, a brother, and 5 nieces and nephews - lots of folks to quilt for, plus as Hazel generously demonstrates, there are always more folks, strangers, in need of a cozy, warm reminder of the kindness of people.

I wonder at which age on average people begin to wonder about what they leave behind. Have you ever thought about it?

On a quilting note, I had a good long look at dad's first quilt and realized that there isn't that much more to do! That's exciting. So exciting, that I think I'm fairly safe in having finishing his quilt as a goal for this weekend. As for the green man idea, I am lousy at drawing - completely incapable of sketching a face of any sort. I thought I'd like to try using my partners eyes and nose combined with my mouth, but that stymied me, so I turned to my book, Wood Spirits and Green Men by Lora S.. Irish et al for inspiration. I photocopied a design and began colouring it in in various ways. I have to sit with that for awhile. I was thinking of using some brown velvet as background, but we'll see.

In the meantime, it's time for me to make some fantastic food on that wonderful old table and get going to work.

Keep your foot on the dogs.


Hazel said...

Ok it's you who has been wishing this snow on us ,bad bad Sherri LOL .Another 30 to 50 cm tomorrow . I swear I'm running away ,make it stop PLEASE I have had enough .

Jacquie said...

You live up to the name of your blog...every time I visit you set me thinking. I love thinking about the men and women in my family who have been and who still are a part of the "handmade" tradition. There are so many things they've made that spark memories of who they were and are. I wonder what thoughts/memories my quilts will inspire???