February 6, 2008


Well that weekend didn't turn out as I had expected! After slogging up to work throught the snow and slush on my bike, I found my co-worker there doing my job! What's up, I asked. She thought it was her turn to work Saturday, and since she was all ready settled in she said she might as well stay. Whoopee! So I jumped back on the faithful Fuji pony and headed back home, making a stop at Cobbs bakery for a couple of their delicious vegan blueberry danishes. Woke up my partner - shook him out of bed - and make some delicious hot tea to have with the danishes. Got a lot of laundry done and other various household chores, began making a tea cozy, then I crashed. We watched tv all night and I couldn't be prised off the couch on Sunday. Sometimes I need to do next to absolutely nothing - just lie on the couch or bed, snooze, dream, read, watch tv, and that's it. Sunday was just such a day. It was good and refreshing.
Monday I visited Kathy's Quilts again and saw the link to One World One Heart and thought what a lovely idea! I don't know that at this late date I can join in but I recommend checking it out and visiting some of the participating sites. Most seem to be from women who make collages of some sort, which are nice, but not my cup of tea.
I have just about finished the simple tea cozy I made, but I'm thinking of adding some embellishments to it. I'll post a pictures when I'm finished.
Years ago when I used to quilt, I made a quilt for my dad. He seems to have been the only recipient of the quilts I've made. I had safety-pin basted it and was quilting it by hand. After working on it for some time, I thought I should probably give it to him unfinished so he could use it, and whenever I went to visit, which at that time was every month, I would work on it a bit until it was completed. That didn't happen. He and I lost track of the quilt but this past May when he moved house, he found it again carefully folded inside a pillowcase and stuffed at the back of his linen closet. I've been asking him ever since to send it to me so I can finally finish the thing - even threatened to mail him an empty box to send it in. Last night he said that he'd gotten it packed up and would send it soon. I'll post a picture as soon as it arrives. I remember it as a nice looking quilt, but we'll see.
Until then,
keep your foot on the dogs.

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Jacquie said...

Serendipity! So much fun. I visited the One World One Heart site. I think it's too late for me to join, but what a wonderful idea. I found a bunch of fun sites to visit too. Can't wait to see your dad's quilt. Have a great day!