February 17, 2008

Dad's Other Quilt

Well, here it is Sunday, already. Our re-elected provincial government, as their first act in office this term, instituted a day's holiday and named it "Family Day". It's the third Monday in February, which means, I DON'T WORK TOMORROW! YAY! I'm especially glad of it today as I kept thinking all day that it was Saturday - obviously, I need another day off to make it feel as if I've had a weekend.

I played with the arrangement of the disappearing 9 patch, but all of them just seemed, well, boring. I tried making a few squares with the red in the X position and peppering the arrangements with those, but it still wasn't good. So I decided to start adding some different fabrics and this is what I have so far:

And this is what I'm going to add next

The blue is an old fabric, loosing woven from back when I used to quilt, but the yellow and green are new premium quilting fabrics. I added the yellow because the blue has yellow flowers in it, although that may be hard do see, and I thought it might add a little pizzazz. I have no idea what it is going to be or what I'll do next with it, but it's more fun to do than just putting the patches together alone.

So, I received a box from my dad and inside were these

I like them. And this wonderful carving. My dad is a wood carver and I love his work. Many of his pieces have hints of his wonderful sense of humour and I just love having them around the house. On either side of the Santa, you can see bits of two of his other carvings.

I love the way he carved folds into the robe over Santa's feet. Behind the carving you can see two petite point pieces my grandmother did. I was so happy to get this and want to leave him out to enjoy before putting him away with the Christmas things - or maybe I don't have to put him away at all!

And here is the quilt.

And here's the back

It's a nice quilt and I look forward to completing it and giving it a wash then returning it to dad. Just like the red and white basket quilt I made him, this one was also made for the bed he had at the time - an antique single bed. Now however, he's sleeping on a double, so neither quilt fits properly. I briefly considering de-binding this one and adding some fabric to the sides, but I think that's only asking for problems.

Well, that's it for now. It's off to the dinner table, then maybe back to do a bit more on the 9 patch. Hope your weekend has been great.

Keep your foot on the dogs.

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Hazel said...

The quilts are beautiful it's so nice to see some hand quilting .
I'm sure you treasure your dads gifts .