February 16, 2008


Jacquie, at Tallgrass Prairie Studios just tagged me! So, here are the rules:
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There are so many things about me that people would consider wierd. I don't consider them weird, but I know that many of my beliefs, actions, and experiences are not mainstream. Hmmm,
1. I ride my bike throughout the year, I've even partly ridden it during our recent snow storms (that was an adventure).
2. For a brief time, I made West African-style hand-drums, Ashikos, and sold them, bartered with them, and gave them away, along with facilitating beginner's hand-drum workshops. That was fun and I discovered that I love working with wood. This is one of my drums
As you can tell by the torn head, it doesn't get used. But, my daughter did use it in a workshop given by Babatunde Olatunji. This drum is a djembe, and it's what got me so interested and excited about handdrumming - it's a great drum.

This is the head-cover I thread painted and embellished for my djembe - not finished yet (there's a bee on the tongue)

This is my favourite cowboy hat that sits on the drum head cover, that I made for the djembe that got the whole drumming-thing started. And I'll leave this bit at that.

3. I have second level Reiki certification in Traditional Japanese Reiki, this is also a good link.

4. I have studied and helped teach women's self-defence; I started university when I was 39 (earned an Honours Specialist degree in Philosophy 4 years later). I also have a TESL certificates (teaching English as a second language) and taught English to adults for 7 years. I like teaching (and learning).

5. I'm vegetarian and have been for almost 23 years. I like being vegetarian. I'm now leaning toward going all the way and becoming vegan - no animal products at all (except I'll eat honey) - no flesh, no dairy products, no eggs. But we'll see. I began being vegie for both humane and health reasons, but my reasons have grown to include care for the environment (the meat industry is quite hard on the environment), plus I now link a piece of meat with the body of a once-living creature. For example, I don't think, that's a chicken breast bought in a store (which I realize is more perhaps of an urban or even small town mentality as I'm sure hunters and fishers don't think along those lines); I think, that's muscle from the chest of a little chicken that used to eat, and breathe, and lay eggs. It just seems too bizarre to me to even consider eating it when there are so many other things out there that are tasty and fulfill my nutritional requirements.

6. I love plants. I love everything about them and try to grow as many as possible in our small apartment, and believe me, that's not easy. I currently have two orchids,
4 brugmansia (1 mommy plant and three of her babies created from cuttings),

a huge catus that is maybe a torch cactus (Cereus peruvianus)

a Guatemalian Ponytail Palm (beaucarnia guatemalensis)

two Arrowhead plants (Syngonium podophyllum) taken by cuttings from my dad's plant

and this poor little thing

I have no idea what it is, but it's obviously not doing well. This was a cutting from a plant at my parent's place, and their plant was a lovely, full plant with redish/green, velvety leaves, but here mine is just struggling not to die. I have to repot the dear and find out what conditions it likes. If you know what it is, please let me know.

7. As you can see from the background of a couple of the above pictures, I love books. We have literally tonnes of books (okay, maybe not tonnes, but we have LOTS). I have books on plants (of course), Western philosophy - from the Ancient Greeks to one book by a present-day Canadian philosopher, Mark Kingwell, ethics, science, novels and short stories, a few on art and pottery, many on quilting (of course), Rumi, philosophy of religion, and much, much more. My partner has even more books than I do, so we're ever so glad of having strong floor joists.

And now to tag 7 people. Please check out these amazing people:

As for me, it's time to go make some breakfast and get started on this amazingly, beautiful day. My dad's quilt came in the mail on Thursday so as soon as I get some good pictures of it, I'll put them up. He also sent me a couple of surprises!

Keep your foot on the dogs!


Jacquie said...

I knew you were a fabulously interesting person...I was so right. So much fun reading your seven pieces of info. My son, the drummer, would be so into your hand drums. Hope you had a great weekend.

Michael5000 said...

Eek, a tag!

jude said...

i'll try...